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                                                    What is the Tour of Colorado?

1. “Tour of Colorado” is a Trade Name registered with the Colorado Secretary of State by

       Sand Creek Sports, Inc. of Colorado Springs.  This was done in April of 2005. The domain name of

       “tourofcolorado.com” and Face Book page, "Tour of Colorado" also belong to Sand Creek Sports, Inc.

2. The Tour of Colorado has been from about 2008 to 2012 a series of top road races, stage races, omnium's,

     criterium's and hill climbs with final overall jerseys awarded to the overall winners in several classes

   . Tour of Colorado races were individually owned, managed and sponsored.

3. "About Sand Creek Sports, Inc." link here.


                                                Past History 2005-Present

In the summer of 2005, Sand Creek Sports, Inc. began discussions with a Colorado Springs advertising and marketing firm about the development of a Tour of Colorado. For various reasons, that didn't work out but the firm is still very interested and hopefully, someday a large event will happen. We remain on very good terms.

In the fall of 2006 a brief meeting was held in downtown Colorado Springs with the marketing person for the number one stage race producer in the US.   He actually lives here in Colorado Springs. That meeting resulted in two meetings in 2007 at the Colorado State Government level.

The first of these two meetings took place in June of 2007 in the Governor’s Office at the State Capital. The second, a month later with the Director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, also in Denver.

While it was always the intention that Sand Creek Sports, Inc. would license the Tour of Colorado to an organization that could produce an International stage race, that was not to be. The funding and logistics are

huge undertakings and the firm we had hoped to work with was just too busy and had taken on a 3-day International race in August of 2008 in Vail, Colorado.  That race never happened.

So, with Sand Creek Sports, Inc. wanting to bring racing to Colorado, it was decided to do it ourselves. From 2008 to 2012 the Tour of Colorado has been a series of existing Colorado races. 
Sand Creek Sports, Inc. has promised the Tour of Colorado race organizers very little. But, everyone involved worked very hard to make each race a success. 

During 2009, Lance Armstrong and Colorado's Governor Bill Ritter had discussions about bringing a major International stage race to Colorado in 2011. In September of 2009, Sand Creek Sports received a call from a Denver, CO area attorney who found us through the Colorado Secretary of State's web site by doing a "Tour of Colorado" search. He said the Governor has asked several people to form an informal and volunteer "task force
(my term) to look into the possibility of organizing a 2011 race and asked if the "Tour of Colorado" Trade Name was available to them.   I met with two of the individuals in Denver in November and confirmed that the Trade Name was available but that terms would have to be worked out or "make me an offer."  They were to get organized and contact me in a few months.  I have had several e-mails and phone conversations and was told recently (this paragraph is being written in March, 2010) that "progress is being made" or words to that effect. This group has registered several similar Trade Name(s).

During the Summer of 2010 one of Gov. Ritter's committee members told me they were now pretty much "out of the loop" and that the "Tour of Colorado" name would not be pursued.  However, they were clearly not "out of the loop."  Medalist Sports in August of 2010 confirmed that the "Tour of Colorado" name would not be needed. 

I had met again with with that marketing person in late July/early August of 2009 at a downtown Colorado Springs coffee shop.  He had just the day before, received a draft agreement from the Quiznos people to be the marketing person for the 2010 race.   He asked me if I could arrange a meeting with several key people in the Colorado Springs Visitors and Convention Bureau to explain the marketing.  He also said that I was a logical person to be the local organizing committee chair, at least to get things going. 

I contacted the Visitor's Bureau and they said that, "Yes", I was the logical person to be the local organizing committee person and could budget maybe $1,000 for this position.  I arranged that meeting with two or so people from the Visitor's Bureau and myself.

The meeting was set in August.  As I walked into the lobby of the Visitor's Bureau, I was met by the marketing person and Terry Sullivan, CEO of the Visitor's Bureau, now retired.  The meeting room, of which only a few people were supposed to attend was packed.  Terry told me that Chris Carmichael was to be to local organizing committee chair.  The room was packed with not only local City and County types. 

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge, after several embarrassing name changes, came to Colorado in August, 2011. It was a good event and well organized.  All in all, it was a great event for Colorado but they clearly overestimated the crowds and most likely the economic impact to Colorado.  But, everyone called it the, "Tour of Colorado!"

I was invited by the Crowne Plaza, the Headquarter Hotel to sit at their table # 1 at the opening "gala" dinner.

It was great to here Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwin and Bob Roll all refer the race as the, "Tour of Colorado."  It must have been said nearly a dozen times before they started to get the correct name correct, which they almost never did.

The Tour of Colorado web site (this one) was getting 6,000 hits each race day!  We sold a few t-shirts and jerseys.


I met again in September of 2011 with the person I met back in November of 2009.  This was at his request and he wanted to talk about, "the race."  I was told the race owners were not interested in the Tour of Colorado name but would entertain a proposal from me for them to buy the name.  Just don't ask to much and a "made up" amount was mentioned.  Well, I got a free race jersey!

What's in a name?  August 7, 2011 Denver Post article.

New:  From the Colorado Springs Downtown Development Authorities March Minutes, we learn that they will be giving $50,000 to the August 24, 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, the Peoples Pedal Party another $80,000 and the City of Colorado Springs will provide $100,000 of in kind services.

New:  January 1, 2017: With the demise of the USA Pro Challenge a new group of people in the Denver, CO area contacted me in September of 2016 about obtaining the Tour of Colorado Trade Name, the Tour of Colorado .com domain and the Tour of Colorado face Book page. I met with them in Cherry Creek.

I received two calls from a, "Restricted Number" caller ID from a woman who would not identify herself. Both times she said she knew the group that wanted the name and that they, "*&@#! me !" Yes, you read the correctly.  But, she knew things that only the three people including me, would have known from being in that September Cherry Creek meeting.

After that second, "Restricted Number" call saying the very same thing and still would not identify herself, I received a call from the leader of the group that they where no longer interested in the Trade Name.

Please read this October 17, 2016 Denver Post article.

In late January, 2017 The Colorado Classic was announced at a Press Conference at USA Cycling's HQ here in Colorado Springs, CO.  The race wil be August 10-13, 2017 with the August 10th stage in downtown Colorado Springs.

In February, 2017 Sand Creek Sports, Inc. licensed it's, "Tour of Colorado" Colorado Trade Name to Anthem Sports of Palmer Lake, Colorado. Anthem Sports will produce a number of Tour of Colorado Grand Fondos in Colorado in 2018. Details will be on this site when available.  


Andy Bohlmann

Sand Creek Sports, Inc

Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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