The Tour of Colorado was founded in 2008 by Colorado Springs native Andy Bohlmann.  Owner of long-time event production company Sand Creek Sports, Andy has been promoting Colorado road and mountain bike events - both amateur & professional - since 1990.


Andy has partnered with Colorado resident and Anthem Sports President Dieter Drake.  Founders of one of North America’s most iconic road cycling events, the Tour of the Battenkill, Anthem Sports has promoted both competitive and non-competitive events across the USA under their Great American Cycling Series banner for the past 15 years.


Friends for several years, Andy and Dieter met in 2017 to launch a new Tour of Colorado brand of cycling events throughout Colorado. Both Andy and Dieter have identified untapped, yet rapidly growing & tourism-friendly cities and regions in Colorado with the scenery and infrastructure that would be attractive to cycling tourists and travelers worldwide.  Centered around the rapidly growing craft brewery industry with great beer and local food to follow every event, the Tour of Colorado seeks to bring tourism & commerce to cycling-friendly communities across the state of Colorado.




Tour of Colorado trademark Sand Creek Sports.  Tour of Colorado logo copyright Anthem Sports