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                                                        From Mad Dog Media comes this!          



                USA Cycling's 2008 Membership Survey.  Good demographic study.

The economic impact of cycling on a State can be huge.  The following two links will take you to two

cycling States where cycling, including racing, is an importand  part of the economy.  Both reports/studies

were  done by the States themselves.



Actual economic impact of a major US Tour on a State

How much does it cost for a major US tour?  Read the accountant's report

   2008 Tour of Missouri to get an idea.

The Tour of Missouri economic impact report is very good

Cycling Demographics  Cycling Demographics

Brief history of Colorado bicycle racing is here


The Tour of Colorado recommends these fine Colorado bicycle shops.  Extremely difficuly to qualify...

Ascent Cycling in Colorado Springs is a Sand Creek Sports sponsor.          





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